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One Big Mob chords lyrics


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        Tom: F#5

    ( F#5, B5, E5, Eb5, C#5 )
    I am you are me. I am you are me. Who?

    Good woman said you gotta believe

    Submerge into the urge of me.

    Deliciously the mystery.


    One big mob aw yea aw yea X2

    Ek bara mala aw yea aw yea X2

    One big mob is...

    **Keep same pattern as in the 1st verse and chorus**

    Ooze into into my noodle
    East or West shepard or poodle
    Ladybug pinetree
    To mingle with the bumblebee
    A lover to the sun
    And a brother to the cool breeze
    One big mob is...
    We live in the city
    We live in the jungle
    It's time to be drinking
    A thimble humble
    Everything you ever see
    Is never more than you and me
    Give it on into the beauty of mystery
    **After this, the song slows down and this riff is repeated over and over**

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